The Tinwald Cycling Club offers a number of weekly events to cater to all grades and levels of cyclists. All cyclists whether seasoned veterans or new to the sport are warmly welcome.



Venue           Refer programme
Start date      1 October 2023
Reg. time       Juniors (U17) and Division 2 12.30pm, Senior 1.30pm                                             
Start time      Juniors and Division 2 12.45pm, Senior 2.00pm
Cost              Junior $2.00, Division 2 $5.00, Senior $10.00
Prizes            Refer program for after race venue
Race types     Scratch, handicap, graded scratch, teams

An exciting program has been prepared for the 2023/2024 season, with courses changing from week to week along with varying distances.  With a number of different grades integrated into the program it enables a wide range of riders to participate in this growing and exhilarating sport at a level you find comfortable.   The club has introduced a Division 2 grade into the program, raced over the shorter course used by the juniors, so a great opportunity for one and all to get involved, of course those wishing to ride in the open senior grade will again be warmly welcomed.  All new and old cyclists are most welcome, bring along a friend and find out why cycling is taking off.



Venue             Fords Road, Tinwald
Start Date      11 Ocotober 2023 - Wednesday evenings

Start Time      Reg. 6.00pm - 6.15pm         Start 6.30pm

Cost                $10.00 social sub plus $4.00 entry fee                
Distance         8 km out and back - total 16 km
Race Type      Variety

A great opportunity for those new to the sport to introduce themselves to road riding at a comfortable level and learn the fundamentals of bunch riding etc in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.  The numbers of those competing have grown dramatically over the past years, its great to see new faces enjoying the fresh air and extending themselves, so come on down and see what it is all about.



Venue         Tinwald Velodrome - Clubrooms, Maronan Road, Tinwald
Start Date    TBC
Finish Date   March 2024

Start Time    Reg. 5.50pm         Start 6.00pm
Cost             Nil
Points           accumulated points on nights racing
Prizes           awarded to winner and runner up in each grade on the evening

A chance for all the youngsters to make their bikes go fast in a controlled and fun location.  The wizz wheeler grades (any age) have a great following, all you need is a bike and a smile.  It is also a great chance to see the junior (under 17) up and coming stars of the club hone their skills on the track, as well as the open grade for those parents or adult riders seeking the thrill of track racing.   The clubrooms are open afterwards for refreshments and a chat.  A great way to start the weekend.



Venue            Fords Road, Tinwald
Start date       

Start time       Reg. 1.00pm - 1.20pm         Start 1.30pm
Distance         8 km out and back - total 16 km

Mid Canterbury Social Wheelers cater for both a summer and winter ride.  Another great opportunity to get out and feel the breeze in your face, riding with friends and feeling fitter in the process.  A wide spread of ages and ability enables all cyclists to be catered for.  The ride is finished off with an afternoon tea at the clubrooms.


In the summer months, track development takes place on Monday and Tuesday evenings on the velodrome, with a great variety of training sessions, a lot of which are motor paced accompanied with fun relays etc.  Parents and open grade riders are also welcome to take advantage of this facility and sessions.

Session usually start 5.50pm. - Session times and dates to be confirmed

A winter road development programme also runs on Sundays.


The Club have two rooms at the Tinwald Family Sport and Recreation clubrooms set up with cycling ergs and wind trainers.  The club is very fortunate to have the support of Hayden Roulston and senior riders who are passing on advice and knowledge by way of preparing training programmes, also overseeing some of the clubs potential stars of the future.  The equipment is available to any Club member wishing to have some off road sessions.

Contact Neil Wylie, 308 1682 for more information


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